Saturday, March 12

A Paper Problem

Hello Folks,
Several mailers have asked me recently where my love of stationery came from.  Well I am one of those people from an early age who knew I loved paper and writing.  I remember going to the local dollar store when I was in my late teens and buying stationery packs for a $1 a piece and writing tablets for the same!

Some of the paper I purchased back then and still have in my stash.
And then college took its all consuming toll on my life and I didn't think of picking up the pen till I was out of school and working my first major job.  It just so happened that I lived near a Hallmark Discount store where the discontinued stationery was sold for 50-75% off list price!
All the above are papers from the Hallmark store!
 Now I live near Marshall's and the problem continues! 

The first step is admitting it.  So yes I have a problem!  Actually a major paper problem that somehow allows me to find cheap and beautiful stationery where ever I live!  It takes years of compulsion to build a stash like this and it'll take years to get rid of it!
I hope this finds you all happy and well and burning your pens up writing,


  1. I actually have a few of the stationery sets you have :) Found them at my local Barnes & Nobles. Also a great place to find stationery, my stash isn't nearly so large, but maybe someday I'll be able to build it up.

  2. And I lived within a mile of the Barnes and Noble and got those 40% off member coupons- thus this paper in my collection.

  3. Love how you explained your love of story is similar but can be found in more detail on my etsy page/profile. hope you get a chance to check out my letter writing stationery!

  4. That is quite an enviable stash! I've started to "inherit" other people's stash-overloads, which is always amusing. For instance, my sister left a stack of very cute vintage mouse-themed paper from decades ago.