Wednesday, March 23

A Gift for you and the Earth!

Warning I'm feeling a bit sappy and poetic today!

The other day I got hit up at work for one of those fund raisers.  You know the ones.  Where Mom brings the sheet to work with all the stuff the kids are selling and hits you up to buy something to support a school, a club, or a class trip.  At least this time, there was a pleasant surprise.  Hidden among the cookies and candies and ooey gooey pies, there was some beautiful gift wrap.  Plain but with a hidden agenda.
  The gift wrap is biogradable paper that is lined with seeds!  Seeds of beautiful wildflowers.  This wrap is literally meant to dissolve away and transform from trash to the kind of free beauty that only Mother Nature can create. 

3 sheets of paper inside and a list of the flowers they grow.
I just watched a powerful documentary today called "What I Want My Words to Do" and I want my words to reach out to others and grow!  Light a fire and encourage them to feel better, write others, or just be content. 
I hope this paper will become beautiful stationery items that my recipients can reuse to grow something visual to remember my words with.  Words that won't sit in a box but instead transform a patch of dirt into a patch of poseys.  Grow to become something other than landfill refuge. 
I often wonder where my letters go after I send them.   Do they end up in a box? Recycled? Tossed?  Do my words go in one ear and out the other- or in this case in one eye and out the other?  Or do they sink into the brain?  Linger in the thoughts? Warm the heart?  Content the soul? Or make something click in the mind of the recipient?
All I know is that I hope, I want . . . my words to grow!


  1. I got a birthday card like that once. Only problem was it was too pretty to plant in the ground!

  2. I am touched by your sentiments...I never throw out a letter. I feel like words on the page, written by hand, hold the essence of that moment in the writer's life. By sending that moment to me, they are sharing their life with me.
    I have a pen friend who often writes in one of the corners of the page an "off-sides" that describes what is going on around her while she is writing. I love it, it makes me feel like I am part of her day!

  3. Yes, you're very poetic today! :)
    words are like birds, you don't know where they fly away; You only hope they find a good nest and a pretty skyline..Here, your letters are treasured, and each word has found an echo in heart and mind.