Sunday, March 13

Final Week of the GiveAway!

Hello Everybody,
I hope this finds you all well!  This is the final week of the big CSN GiveAway!  I have received a few entries and I can safely say there are still many numbers left for the taking.  I also recieved Valerie's number and I am now the number keeper!
For those of you just joining me -  I am hosting a $35 giveaway from the CSN stores and as a few entrants have found- they do sell paper and office supplies which fits into our little group theme. 

the stack of entrants
The premise of the Give Away is easy.
1) Pick a number between 1 and 100. 
2) Write the number in a note or letter and send it to me
3) You must be a US or Canadian citizen to enter (sorry rest of the world- those are the rules)
4) See more official points here!

There are still plenty of numbers to choose from and still a chance to win!
Happy Mailing!


  1. I see mine too! :) Go lucky number 8

  2. The March issue of our PenPalling magazine is now released and it features an article about your giveaway. So expect some more entries in the coming days just before your deadline! :D)

    Download it for free from our website:

  3. Thanks!!! I tried to email you a more personal thank you, but it wouldn't go through.

  4. Aw I can't see mine but I'm sure it's in there somewhere! ^_^

  5. It is. I shuffled yours to the bottom since it was already featured. By the way- that was an adorable PC!

  6. Thanks! And I love that panda card on top. Definitely my favorite animal ^_^ Kudos to whoever sent it!

  7. Actually the Panda is from Valerie-she is the one who picked the number everybody is trying to match to win! So the PAnda card holds the winning number (but its not the winner, confused yet; )

  8. Who-hoo! I can see my "Hey, Kitten!" postcard from here! :) (He plays well with others...)