Friday, March 18

Drum Roll Please- The Winner is . . . . .

So I was a little vague on the end of the contest, but life pulls me out of town this weekend, so today it is.  The winner for the CSN $35 give-away is . . . . Aykra!

She sent the cutest, most upbeat, and optimist postcard and was one off the winning number.  So I'm glad she won!  Plus student's also need money and mail!  Check out her cute blog.

A big thanks to all the other entrants!  I loved checking the P.O. Box and seeing the various PC's and letters sent!
And finally a look at what ended up on the board this week.  My friend Mona was over the other day and couldn't believe all the pretty things I received. 

You folks are the reason I continue!  My stationery problem was the beginning, but the friends and connections are the real veg and potatoes of the operation!
Hope this finds you all well and happily mailing!


  1. What was the winning number?

  2. The winner was 23 and Aykra was 21. I had others close, but no cigar!