Monday, March 21

Make Mine Chocolate

So I know this is a mail blog, but occasionally I let some of my causes creep into the topics and this one is a passion of mine.  When Easter and Spring come around, many think of bunny rabbits!  For the last 5 years I have proudly supported a project all about rabbits called "Make Mine Chocolate"

  The Make Mine Chocolate group tries to educate folks against buying rabbits for presents over Easter UNLESS you are serious about taking care of them for life!
A pet rabbit lives 8-10yrs.  Pet rabbits should eat a hay based diet along with fresh greens and very minimal pellets.  Pet rabbits are better pets once spayed or neutered ($250-$400 operation).  Pet rabbits HAVE to RUN and EXERCISE 20+ hrs per week.  Not all rabbits like to be held and snuggled.  Actually most HATE to be picked up or handled on terms anything other than their own.  Rabbits need routine veterinary care to make sure their teeth and general health is okay.
   The consequence of getting a rabbit and keeping it in a tiny cage is often a premature death for the rabbit.  Shelters are often overwhelmed with cast away pet rabbits the months after Easter, and some have to be euthanized to make space for other unwanted pets.  Finally "releasing" a domestic rabbit to the wild is a certain death for them.  While the coyotes and dogs may thank you, the rabbit will not.

   I step down from my soap box now and tell you I have had a few pet buns.  I love them but they are not little cats and dogs.  I actually spent more time and money taking care of the long eared kids than the other 4-legged children.  Livingston was death to many appliances by biting through the cords.  Tulip was a saint, till she gut loaded on cats' litter- something she hadn't touched in the months that I owned her- just took one time and end of bunny.  It was an expensive vet bill to try to save her!  Then there was Kipling.  He had major behavior problems and it came down to Kipling or the dog.  Literally, the dog (previously Livingston's best friend) wanted to settle the feud with a death match! So he was re-homed.  So I have a bunny free household . . . . for now.
  So please pause and consider what you have learned here.  If you want to help, repost this or do a link of your own to the 'Make Mine Chocolate" sites, or print and hang one of the many pdf fliers available at the aforementioned sites.
Thanks for taking the time to read about something near and dear to my heart! 
My best to all!


  1. Same with chickens! I know of people who buy their kids chicks for easter. There actually is a program where you can "rent" a chick for the day and it goes back home. Perhaps there is a similar program for bunnies somewhere?

  2. I like what you said!it's so true. i'm glad you wrote it. I hope a lot of people will read and understand . Makes me think when there was the disney movie with the little fish Nemo. evryone wanted one of those fishes, without knowing how to care of it..

  3. This problem concerns all animals. People think they buy a toy and when it turns out they actually need a lot of care and work, they throw them out like some rubbish. I hope your post will help with people being more responsible with their decisions.

    Greetings from Poland :)