Tuesday, March 1

Friends and Family PC Project

Hello Folks,
I had previously posted a few postcards from a project I'm calling "My Friends and Family PC Project".  I don't know about all of you, but I feel as though I am part of a separate mailer/ pen palling community that is separate from the world on my long time friends and family.  
My parents aren't writers, and most of my long time friends are Christmas only senders.  So I decided to marry the 2 communities by sending out a self addressed and stamped blank white postcard and told my recipients to do whatever to the front of the cards and send them back.

Here are a few more from the project.  So far I'm fairly surprised at a 50% return.  We'll see how it continues.  I had to chuckle at Brandy's, she's a poor college student, so she decided to write as much of a letter as she could on the front and back.  Call it a cheap letter!  Brilliant use of resources!
Hope this finds you getting some special mail!


  1. I love the one with the colored scribbles and the tiny family. I too feel like we're in some underground letter writing society. No one I know in real life writes letters.

  2. Cute card. I had to look twice. Check your mail ...

  3. I have the vague feeling I'd give my left pinkie toe to have a friend or family member love to write letters & postcards as much as I do! I like your project idea, and I hope the other 50% shows up in your mailbox soon!

  4. I've beraged them with letters over the years and most feel mildly obligated to write back. I'd say about 50% ; )