Monday, March 7

Mini and Mighty

Hello all,
I thought I'd do a post on on object of my affection.  One I never knew I could not live without until I owned it!  Mini-clipboards!!!  I know it may be a weird item to obsess about but I bought a stationery tablet with an accompanying clipboard last year and it was love at first write!

The clipboard allows me to write anywhere!  And it fits a standard sized A2 card which is the most typical size and most standard sheet stationery.  So I can work on a letter or envelope decoration in my lap while watching a fave movie (another addictive hobby).

The pink edged stationery tablet is by Macbeth who has a variety of beautiful tablets (not sure it they all come with clipboards.  This one did!)  When I researched them, they are not stationery makers persay, but have a selection of home decor.  I am so-so of that stuff, but the paper designs are hip and cool!
Also if anybody (in the US) is looking for cheap clipboards, check out Micheals, Marshalls, and Staples.  I think I have seen them as low as $1 undecorated.

A heartfelt note to my wonderful readers: 
Thank you so much for reading about my mail experiments and stationery obsession.  I hope to keep the momentum going but summer is rapidly booking up, so expect less frequent posts.  Darn life for getting in the way!

I hope this finds you all sending and receiving lots of love!

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