Wednesday, March 2

Andy Eat Your Heart Out!

Hello all,
I have to stop shopping, things scream out for me to take them home with me at least I'm cheap!
   Some more thrifty finds from Goodwill!  The punch is actually quite large and one I had been eyeing for some time at art and craft stores, so I was happy to get it for a cheaper price- brand new too!  And the paper is an old embossed Hallmark set- Awesome!!!
Andy look- cheap stamps!
Also I found some Crane at Marshall's.  (Right next door) 
This set is more nostalgic and reminds me of some stationery I inherited from my Grandmother.  Nothing like a paper trip down memory lane!

    I know I'm going to get totally blasted on what I say next, but I don't usually love Crane.  I think their stuff is a bit overly plain and pricey even when you can buy it 75% off.  I have to say I left a lot of other designs at the store for others to partake.  Feel free to enlighten me on why folks like them so well.  I've never understood the thrill and mystique surrounding their products.  Maybe I'm just too too cheap!
     Actually I got all this for the price of a discounted box of Crane!   (Style vs substance, the classic battle!)
And Caspari- I still adore you!

I thrive for a bargain!
Hope this finds you saving more and sending lots,


  1. Ohhh, I lust for the ivory embossed Hallmark set. Woot! What a find! Why can't I find something like that in my Goodwill store??? (pout)

    All in lined papers in the third photo are pretty sweet too. An excellent shopping score all around!

  2. OH the peaches! I remember having a small notepad with that design on it. I wonder where that went off to... Oh well. I will find it eventually. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!

  3. All things that are so hard to find where i'm living! Im impressed by the low price of the punch!
    Everything you bought is pretty!

  4. Like you, I enjoy shopping at Goodwill/Value Village for vintage stationery sets. It's almost like a treasure hunt and when you find something special (like the Hallmark embossed) the heart skips a beat!

  5. On Crane, I love the thickness and fibery texture of their card stock. I also love the simplicity of their design. I'm a Crane fan, but only when I find it at my local Goodwill. I never buy it full price!

  6. WOW! I can't believe that they sell stamps at that price. I had to do a double take when I saw that price tag! I don't think they'd ever reduce stamps to that price here in the UK, or at least I have yet to see it.

    Thanks as always B for all the great post that you keep sending. It's so lovely to see you doing art on it as well. The heart was very much appreciated by us both

    Andy and Elena

  7. I agree about price and design for Crane. Very blah.

  8. My Goodwill doesn't carry devil stamps...... :-(