Monday, March 28

What to do when you're home being sick

I hate being sick.  My voice is all raspy and gone.  Even the littlest movements throws me into coughing fits.  I don't feel terrible (today, yesterday was a different story)- just can't talk or move.  So what to do? 
After trying to clean (may have hacked a lung up over that) and lots of fidgeting, I decided to work on my letters.

And then make some envelopes

And then a few random notes to send something folks.

I hope tomorrow I will be able to go to work, although I did enjoy working on my mail hobby.  I'm all caught up writing everybody back and my mailboxes were empty today, sadly . . . but hopefully a clean slate means I'm ready for mail to come!  You know what they say, if you are ready, it will come.
Hope this finds the rest of you healthy and happy with full mailboxes!


  1. You can't tell, but there's over 20 envelopes in that stack.

  2. Sounds like a good use of a sick day -- feel better soon!

  3. Here's hoping you feel like yourself tomorrow! It is good to be caught up on mail though, so you are ready for your mail box to be full soon!

  4. Seeing all the beautyful things you made while being sick, I'm almost tempted to wish you to be sick a little more weeks! :o) (joke!!) Please, take a good care of you, and feel better soon!

  5. Feel better soon, Becky! We'll miss you on Sunday!

  6. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm better, but still coughing a lot.