Sunday, March 6

My Real Bulletin Board

Hello all!
I was shopping the other day- (big surprise ! ) And I found a great bulletin board, so I got it (another big surprise)!  I was looking for something to put on an empty wall in my apartment with the hope of hanging postcards and mail surprises there.  I was also hoping to post updates of what's hanging on there every now and again.   I don't know about you but I like to see my stuff on other folks sites. 

At the bottom is the last another of the Friends and Family PC Project.  Shana's daughter(s) helped with the project.  Also 2 from Pamela at Cappuchino and Art.  Several from postcrossing.   The upper corner is a quilled piece, a combination of my and Elena's work.  Also some fan mail!  And a new note from send something.  Wolfey has talent even if she doubts it. 

  The first post has a couple weeks of accumulation on it. Mostly postcards, but a few other items did make it up. If you entered the give-away, your beautiful PC's and notes are in a basket.  I'm hoping when we are all done, to forward some of them to Caitlin so she can show them off at CSN!  Let's see if we can inspire the corporates to pick up a pen and write.
  Please don't take offense if you sent something and it's not here.  I also have 2 other places I stash things.  The Give-away basket and letters go into an organizer till responded to.  It's a system!  We'll see how it works!

I hope you all are giving and getting beautiful things!


  1. I really love the Indian-inspired mail art at the bottom! I can read the first three words of the Devanagari script, but I can't tell where the sentence is going...

    Mail boards are great!

  2. Isn't it fun seeing your mail on other people's blogs? It almost feels like being on TV. ; )

  3. Hello. Received your letter today and I am touched that you shared your fav stationery with me, I will give it a good home! It is fun to see my pretty note card on your board!
    (and yes we still have snow on the ground, it has been a record breaking amount this year- I have over 4 feet on my garden.......)