Friday, April 1

Today's Errands

Hello all!
Thanks for the well wishes!  I was out and about today picking up a few items at the local grocery store when what did I run into . . . stationery!  I have been so good about not buying new stationery items and trying to use up some of the massive amounts of stationery that I already own, but one look at the kitten with the rubber duckies, and I was smitten.

from papyrus
My local grocery store is also my main place to pick up postcards for postcrossing and other exchanges.  Although, the puzzled looks I get at checkout make me wonder, am I am the only one buying them?

Also on the errands for today, I stopped in to check my P.O. Box.  While there, I ran into my favorite postal clerk.  We chat a lot about my hobby.  She informed me today of the new stamps out since the last time I saw her, and of course, I had to buy a few sheets of each.

There's something to be said for a smaller town post office.  It's kind of like the sitcom Cheers "Where everybody knows your name!" and how to get you to spend a few bucks! 
And finally I had to stop in at work for a quick meeting.  When to my surprise, I find a stack of paper on my desk.  I don't know about you guys, but I am a dumping ground for all things stationery.  I don't really mind and even encourage it!  With me the items will have a good home till they find their way to others in letters or as presents.

The top 3 packs are paper and the bottom 3 are 3 blank cards with 3 envelopes per pack.
Everybody at work knows about my hobby, because I typically send my outgoing mail from there.  My coworkers love to look at the envelopes and on a very rare occasion,  add a few touches if they think the envelopes need a little extra something!
Well that's my day of errands.  Now I am home and still coughing.  I think the next step is a cup of tea and some rest!
Hope this finds you all busy, but not too busy to enjoy the simple pleasures.


  1. I have the same problem at the grocery store -- especially because I'm usually buying 40 at a time!

  2. It was a good day for you! i love it when I find plenty of the things I collect!The kitties cards are cute!
    I hope you will soon feel better. Have a nice week-end!