Tuesday, March 15

Some Random Bits I Made

Hello all,
I thought you all might like to see some random cards I have been working on.

Created with vintage dictionary paper sent to me by the Pen Thief

This weekend's enterprises
My scrap pile I was working with

I love paper punches and this was made by layering and paint pen embellishments

Made from the interior of an envelope and foil from a wine bottle.  Nothing like drinking and crafting!

And envelopes made of strips of paper to hold the rest of my projects.  Man they were a pain in the ass to make, but they look pretty.  We'll see how they hold up to the USPS!

Never be afraid to create!  It takes practice and you will never love everything you make, but at least the people who receive them will.  One time I sent out a bunch of stationery that I just wanted to be rid of because it was ugly and my friend Kim made sure to tell me that I could write her on "the ugly stuff" as long as I kept writing her!
Hope this finds you all well and happy!


  1. Becky, your cards are looking great. I especially like the frog and owl.

  2. Some of those cards look familiar!!! Your reply will be in the mail soon!

  3. Well I had good teachers! Those owl and frog cards were REALLY easy. Strips of paper and stickers and viola!

  4. I received your chinese menu envelope. I just *loved* it. Liked loved it so, so, so much.
    Got some new cards today... excited to write you.