Friday, November 30

Good Haul!

I do not know why my internet was so confuddled these last few days, but today it was all fine and dandy.  Good thing, I was getting ready to call and "play" dumb till they fixed it.  But instead I was rewarded for ignoring the problem all together, hmm, maybe not the best precedence.
Anyway, onward and upward to some exciting finds.  I have to make a long drive to visit the family in Ohio for the holidays.  When I do, I always make a point to stop at the different travel plazas along Interstate 80.  Each of them has different postcards for sale!  And while many of you were pushing and shoving for pole position on Black Friday, I talked my Mom into going to thrift stores and scored the Ohio book of postcards.
I also found this interesting set of wooden postcards.
I will let you know how they mail as I sent one out today and asked the recipient to let me know the condition of the card!
Tomorrow I expect to be up to my old shenanigans so beware!


  1. I love going on road trips and stopping at every truck stop to buy postcards, they always seem to have a great selection (great price also)!

    It seems, I always have an itch to stop at the thrift stores to dig for stationery or postcards. Most of the time, I have good luck!

    Love your finds and your blog!

    1. thanks! Thrift shops are my favorite thing!

  2. Those wooden postcards are very nice. I went to an estate sale on black Friday and found some great stationery and holiday cards. I avoided all the chaos and lines.