Wednesday, November 7

Envelope Rehash: Need Some Security?

Another quick and easy trick I have picked up along the way is reusing security envelopes.  They have beautiful patterns that add texture to your mail.
1) Gently open your bills

 2) Reverse fold it
 3) Either add your label or collage the window.  I recommend doing this BEFORE you glue/ tape the edges.
 I often like to trace hand and cut it out as a design element.  Look at how it pops on the patterned but neutral background.
 Don't forget the back!  You can use the bits and edges of sticker sheets to add interest.  Post Muse told me that the asterisk means kiss on Twitter - who knew!  Probably cool people who twitter.
Get funky with it.  Take 2 envelopes of different design, but similar in size. Open and cut them while overlapping. 

Then tape them together.
Nice visual impact, but still free! 
Something to think about and play with.  Have fun, but remember, no running with scissors!


  1. I really like the tracing of the hand idea. It looks very cool. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. I really love all your envelope tutorials! What great ideas. I'll have to try some. I always enjoy reading your posts. Looking forward to some more of your great creations!

  3. I have saved tons of security envelopes, thanks for the ideas on how to use them in a creative way!