Friday, November 2

Candlelight Mailart Any One?

The hurricane - to borrow a Project Runway term- was fierce! I like most everybody in the area lost power and had to improvise.

But all is well now!  I will be dealing with the insurance and a contractor to deal with some minor damage, but it could have been way worse and I am counting all the things to be thankful for.  I hope those to the East of here get back to their lives soon! 
And as for the Letter Writing Social: the show will go on!  I got word today from the Midtown Scholar that all is well on their end, so I will see the intrepid folks who trek out that way for the social! 
A rare shot of all 4 of my critters together.  Nothing like a hurricane to bring us all closer!  They camped out next to me all night.  The tiger is my kitten from this year, Alphonse Mucha.  He's now the largest cat in the house and growing.

My Best Always,


  1. Aww, that's very cozy. Can't wait to hear about the letter writing social.

    I received your postcard today. It was a very nice surprise and it made my day. I love the image and the quote on the card. Very nice, thank you.

  2. Relieved to hear the "all is well" signal. Write on!