Sunday, November 18

Meeting Pen Pals

Well it was a busy weekend for me.  I got to meet my pen pal Ciara and her husband Jamie this weekend!  We had a brief but good visit where I drug them all over the Lehigh Valley.
At the Ringing Rocks Boulder field

Ciara and Jamie are on a road trip across the USA to visit family and friends.  You can read more about their journey here.  I volunteered to host them for a few days to help break up their drive and to meet another person with the common hobby of letter writing.
While she was here, I had to let her shuffle through the stationery that I keep in my office and of course I gave her a box to fill!  At least I know I will be getting some of that papery goodness back my way in the form of letters!

Keep the Mailboxes Full and Your Heart Open!

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  1. A grand time was had by all! Thanks again for the great weekend; we really enjoyed meeting you and all the sights we got to see! I will be writing my own post today. =)