Tuesday, November 6

Envelope Rehash 2: Envelope Book Basics

Day 2 of the envelope basics and some more ideas. 
This is a great way to use up envelopes and make something with a wow factor!
All you need is 2 pre-fab envelopes.
 Insert flap to flap and glue the under flap to the top envelope.

 This is how they look tucked together.
 Space on the inside for decorating.  I used another much smaller envelope as a gift card holder on the interior.  Watch the thickness though or you will be paying more to send your envelope book.
 Front after I used small labels to attach.  Washi tape or regular tape can also be used.
Important:  Make sure to include opening instructions so all your hard work doesn't get torn up!

I do these often and love making them.  They do take some time, but they are fun!

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  1. Just got this awesome example of an envie book in the mail yesterday!! =D Thank you!