Friday, November 9

Envelope Rehash: Just Fold It!

An easy option, almost too easy and I think people overlook it!
If you are not wanting to make a big fuss and have a sheet of paper you are not sure what to do with, well
 just fold it!  Try to make sure it seems like it is a fairly normal size for an envelope as the USPS may charge more if its "too weird"  a shape/ size.  Too small and it will not be sent!  So get familiar with the basic sizes and be close to that.
 Then tape the edges
 And add a tag/ label and you are done!
If you are feeling lazy, you could stop at the folding, write on the back and then use it as a fold over by using a single piece of tape to close the back!  Just an idea for the low budget mail enthusiast!

Another way of wrapping that I often use with abnormally shaped cards is literally taking them and fitting an envelope to them.
One of my favorite square petal cards.
Find a piece of paper big enough to fit it.  Hopefully you too will have help holding things open.
Mr Alphonse is part of the reason this post was late and I will be late with my final post.  Somebody ate something they shouldn't have, so it had to be cut out.  He seems to be recovering well but the whole incident has dropped my mail related productivity!

 The final product above and below.  Do not forget the extra postage on the square cards.
Tomorrow or the next day I'll put up the final in the series!  Then you will have all my envelope go- to's and secrets!


  1. Poor kitty! Glad everything came out alright. ;)

  2. I live in the Netherlands. We don't have to use an extra stamp for abnormal sizes. And once I did sent a small businesscard: text written criss cross between the businesstext, adress & stamp at the back and into the mailbox. It arrived! Really, DUTCH POSTMEN ARE THE BEST!! They really deliver everything :-) ----- Monique

    1. That is cool! Somedays I feel restricted.

  3. Aw, poor kitty. Chaser ate something he shouldn't of too. He has to have surgery as well. I hope you kitty is doing better.

  4. All is well. The biopsies came back fairly unexciting. I had a good veterinary team to nurse him through.