Saturday, November 3

Long But Good Day

Hello all!
This is the end of a long and wonderful day.  Now I sit with my feet up, the dog back from the pet sitter, and a glass of cold Malbec wine.  My day started off early with packing the car and grabbing a few last minute items before starting the drive to Harrisburg.  Once there I had to ignore my GPS and its terrible directions until I found the Midtown Scholar, which was a big open bookstore.  I am not going to steal any of the Post Muse's thunder since she is going to have a finale post, but I thought I would throw up a photo of some of the creations I made while there!
he card is insulation, gift wrap, and flower punches.

Tomorrow its back to business and unpacking all the items I took.  I felt overwhelmed with all the choices I had to create with as everybody contributed goods to the event.  Topics of conversation wafted between how to use insulation foam creatively to our favorite sticky substances.  All in all a good day! 


  1. Can't wait to see the other photos! Sorry I missed it!

  2. We just got home and I really want to write a post tonight, but I don't think I can string that many words together. I am organizing photos and will upload them to Blogger, and then I can write the post tomorrow at lunch :)

  3. Yay! Thanks again for hosting. I had a great time! I'm posting about it tomorrow too, :-)

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