Sunday, November 4

Are You Part of the In Crowd?

Hello all,
I am back at it.  I always think I am not replying quick enough or that I have not received much until I get down to taking pictures of it and placing it on the blog.  Then I know I have been a good little snail mailer and contributing lots!
Here is what is new in the mailbox!
 Shivani sent me a card with a reminder to send her my Postcrossing ID - yikes!  But it's all ironed out now!  Thanks Shivani!
 The wacky sense of humor from my friend NF.  She keeps my mail interesting!
 A nice note from Christi in CO!
 A note from SG  - my former coworker, now pen pal!
 I nice thank you from Mom about our mother/ daughter holiday!
 JK makes her pictures into postcards and I enjoy the images.  This is Tinkertown in NM.
 A semi annual note from an old roommate!  Nice of her to think of me!
 Postcrossing.  Did you know that Germany hosts the largest computer show in the world?
A happy note from my pal Wolfey!  Glad she's off traveling these days and out of NYC for the chaos.
CK sends her thoughts on pretty stationery.  I enjoy the Canadian insect stamps!  They are so vivid!
A long letter from GL.  I always look forward to her thoughts on life!
A postcrossing from Canada.  I couldn't get the blasted glare gone from my camera shot.
A thoughtful letter from Troy.  Adapting well in his new home.
A happy Halloween card from a friend I visited in RI
The Piccadilly Post and a wonderful hand made Halloween card filled with goodies!
Postcrossing monsters from the USA
 A nice Netherlands postcard complete with vintage stamps (not shown, sorry)
A nice letter from my send something friend Miss Millie
LR and I's continued commentary on Project Runway!  We are now into AllStars and a whole higher caliber of design!
Melissa of Craftgasm sent me a nice note.  She'll be in Brooklyn at the Renegade fair.
She's also holding a holiday mail party!

I think this gets Halloween tidied up.  Next we will celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA, which is one of my favorite holidays!  But first I have a big week of blog posting ahead of me!  Stay tuned, it's a subject we are all fond of!

Happy Mailing,

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