Tuesday, November 13

Meeting Pen Friends

Dear friends and readers of this little blog,

I have always been a letter writer, but I stuck to people I knew or had already met. When I started the journey of pen palling with people I did not know, I had no plan or path.  I was not even sure how long I would be able to keep up with it.  My plans were simple, trade some letters, learn a few things, and enjoy it!  I was hoping for a few life time friendships, but none expected.

What have I found?  A connection that goes deeper in some cases and lesser in others, but it's been interesting. One thing I never expected was the chance that my letter writing would spell more events in my social life.  October and November has been months of new friends and hopefully the start of a good trend.

Last month I met up with the fabulous Tara in Newport, RI.  This month started with the Letter Writing Social in Harrisburg and meeting up with fellow letter writers some for a second time and a few for the first time!  A nice warm creative atmosphere and camaraderie was created by the mix.  And now I am on the eve of meeting another friend.  I will write more about that later.  I do not want to jinx anything! 

But alas as one aspect of my life busies, another has to give so please expect some time between posts till after Thanksgiving!  I hope this finds you all happy and well!
And please leave comments on your own experiences thus far!  I would love to hear what drives others in this hobby.


  1. Meeting pen pals is fantastic! I am kind of the opposite as I have always written to strangers. To be honest, I hardly sent out letters or postcards to my family/friends, haha.

    I think it is amazing to make some sort of connection with this stranger who you never would have the chance to know if it weren't for letters! I never really made it a point to try and meet these people but now it is something I look forward to.

  2. All of my penpals live outside Japan, but luckily I've met 4 of my pals so far (some of them I even met twice) and another pal from Russia next spring in Japan! I never expected to meet that many of my penpals, but all of them visited me in Japan all the way from their countries, and that is just so amazing that they decided to come here in the Far East! :) Without letters, none of our meetings happened, so I'm really thankful that I met letter-writing!