Saturday, November 24

Update on my Staionery Addiction

Awhile back I had said I would stop buying all the cheap stationery up.  There is no reason to be greedy, but so much of what I find/ found is at second hand shops and the money goes to good causes, so its extra hard to say no. 
But no is what I have said on countless times, still these are the most recent items I have added to the stash. 
My Mom got these for me.  I have to tell her to resist the urge to buy thrifty items for me as well! 
These 3 I purchased in a local thrift store.  All were 50cents each and the middle is a really cool tablet of travel stationery that looks like it came from the 1960's.
This was from the same place.  Much more recent, but each sheet has a different image and saying on it! 
So far, I am keeping my paper addiction to a minimum.  Hopefully as I whittle done my stash, I will be able to start making more and more of my own creations!

But just because I have limited myself on buying does not mean you should!  Make sure to shop at your local stationery and thrift stores!

Happy Paper!


  1. Nice discoveries! I never find paper in thrift stores in Belgium. (They do feed my "private library" though.)

  2. Tee hee this sounds so familiar! I was supposed to be stopping buying stationery but oops, I cannot break the habit. One day I shall be good:)

  3. I found tons of goodies at an estate sale today. I couldn't resist my temptation.

  4. I love the last pic and I'm so glad you didn't leave that in the store! I'd be surprised if you ever see it again.

  5. I remember buying some of these when I was a kid. I loved picking them up and flipping the pages. Funny how things change.

  6. I recently got a big piece of furniture which has revolutionised my craft room. One whole line of "holes" is for alllll my stationery! It is INCREDIBLE the amount that I have (I have literally been collecting since I was 8 years old). But now it is all neatly filed away in one place, which is cool. AND I have found that in the past week, I have used the stuff more (more specifically my Christmas card collection) because I can actually see my whole stash! It makes me feel, like, not so "weird" about buying more bargain stuff also (because now I have a place to put it!)