Wednesday, November 28

Stay Tuned . . .

Technical difficulties are preventing me from posting much again.  And I have lots of ideas!  Awesomeness awaits.  .  .  . or at least delusions of grandeur.  You'll be the judge.

Meanwhile, when do you all start sending holiday cards?  Does anybody have a timeline?  Mine is anything after Thanksgiving.  Until we cross that time threshold, I have no interest in hearing about anything that has to do with Christmas.


  1. I always start sending holiday/xmas cards after Thanksgiving.

  2. In the Netherlands we celebrate the birthday of "Sinterklaas" at december 5th. Sinterklaas is a very old man, somewhat looking like Santa, living in Spain. He comes to Holland by boat, with a lot of happy helpers, to share presents with all the dutch children. Always a big happening for the children. When his birthday is over... than you can send your christmas postcards. We have special stamps for christmas. Those are cheaper than the normal ones. They too... valuable from december 6th and on. After Sinterklaas his birthday. --- Monique.