Saturday, December 1


Hello friends, acquaintances, and random passersby!
My increased activity in postcrossing this last month is really showing on the inbox! 
 A nice letter from NB.  Terschelling is one of her most favorite places on Earth.
 An English garden!
 So shiny, I could not get it to photo well but I really like this art card from Russia.
 Germany - apparently the postcrosser walks this path often.
 Umbrellas from Hong Kong.  I am not sure, but I think this a photo the sender took along the street.  Still awaiting a reply to confirm.
 Turkish tile from Turkey!  It reminds me of all the fabulous tilework in Fonthill!  I hope to go back this month and see all the Christmas decorations in the castle.
 Tried and tried to get this to photo better but the picture is very hazy even in focus.  From Germany
 Kid art from Russia.  The kid who won this competition was 5yrs old - that's some good drawing for that age!
 Mixed media from Michigan. 
 From Finland.   The knot is actually a piece of modern artwork.  It was made during the time when people argued what it art.
 A nice letter from Troy
 A card from the Ukraine.  I think there must be a lot of postcrossers in Kyiv
 The Post Muse sent a letter before the social that I just got this week.  Huh?  I am not sure why there was such a delay as we live in the same state.

This was from  a postcrosser that found me on Sendsomething.  The funny thing was this was a new card I picked up this time across Ohio and is my new favorite!  I grew up in our old barn.  After I went to college it burned down and I cried like I lost my house.  Hopefully those in Ohio who can, will start preserving these structures.  The one we had was filled with hand hewn beams and they used wood pegs to join the larger rafters instead of metal.  What history! 
 A nice letter from Tara at Hello Life.  I like to send out much loved stationery for my pen pals to write me back on and in this case I also included the postage because I wanted that particular stamp sent to me!
 My aunt always sends a card for every holiday! 
 This letter is from Kendall and the stationery is a set of Polaroid looking cards!
Last but not least is a nice package from Lou!  She found a bunch of goodies at the thrift stores that she decided to share with all her pen friends.

Until next time, keep writing!


  1. Fabulous, so much countries!and you should receive something from France soon.. :o)

    1. And you are getting something soon from the USA.