Monday, November 5

Envelope Rehash Week: The Basics

Every now and again I hear of people just joining us in the mailing world and just discovering the ideas of customizing and embellishing their letters.  So I thought I would toss up a variety of envelope ideas as a review of what I do to make my missives more marvelous!
I plan on breaking it down in short bytes as today's age of hurry up and rush has made my attention span that of a 3yr old, so over the next week, I will have pictorial posts showing a variety of easy ideas.  And please do not mind the lack of polish on my missives, I have never ever claimed to be artsy!  Quite the opposite, although there was a few high school art challenges that I won but that was more from unusual materials than true talent!
I digress.

The Basics:
An envelope surrounds a letter and helps to carry the more delicate innards to folks.  That's all.  The post office is not terribly picky about "what" you use to make an envelope, but they do charge based on size and weight.  You can stick with a standard size easily enough.

1) Open a pre-fab envelope and trace the design to cardboard (chip preferably over corrugated)
2) Use this template to trace onto your desired choice of material.
Wallpaper anybody?
3) Fold and glue.  You can stop here if the material you are using can legibly be addressed, if not go to step 3b.

3b) Add a label if needed.  I use all my tiny bits of paper, paper punches, hello tags, post its, etc . . .  to complement the under paper.
Or invest in a good label punch
4)Stamp and send! 

5) Reap the rewards of friends, family, and coworkers oohing and ahhing over your creativity!
fashion magazine, wallpaper, Chinese menu, map, gift wrap
Tomorrow we take it another step ; )
Happy Creating,


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