Monday, November 19

{In}to my Mail

Another week of pretty mail! 
This post is going to be a bit of a photo dump.
 A postcrossing from "the Devil in the White City"
 Taiwanese postcrossing
 Monkey-ing around with postcrossing
 Yay - Mary sent this back.  I picked it up on my travels through CT.
 My niece - second letter.  Now if only I can get her to create, my master plan for corruption will be complete!
 A beautiful necklace from a beautiful lady - the Piccadilly Post.  Aw you shouldn't have . .blush
 the PostMuse on la Paperie stationery.
 It was a dickens of a time when I opened this from Malyss
 Oh Guiliana, I found somebody worthy of your art challenge.
 Taiwanese puppy.  The stamp was a yorkie pup.  I like simple themes.
 The bus goes round and round and all over the globe.  From Germany.
 Iowa, oh how I am glad I no longer live there in winter.
 Polish Postcrossing of a museum
 Portugal and a rant.  If you are on postcrossing and can, please write more than happy postcrossing on the back of your card!
 Pretty winter themed card from Lapland, Finland
 Mendy, hello!  I got it, now I hope my letter arrives this time!
 KH from Finland.  I like the irregular stamps the Finnish use!
 Melissa of Craftgasm sent me this.  She designed it for the Washington DC letter social from back in April.
A new contributor Jarie Lyn sent me this.  The postcard is Versace!

And so it goes.  Until our next meeting, keep those pens writing and the stamps a sticking!


  1. I'm glad you received the cards! It seems that only the card from Poland did not arrive.
    It must be a great moment when you're opening your mail box!!
    did you asked your postman what he thinks about all that work?! :o)

  2. Mail scrolls are so exciting. I enjoy them.

  3. Yeah! Marguerite sent me a necklace too. :-) See here:
    And I'm loving your happy mailbox!