Sunday, November 11

Envelope Rehash: Other Options and Ways to Waste Time

This is it folks.  The final post for the week of envelopes.  Sorry it took me an extra day or so, you saw the reason on the last post. 

Here are a few more options for fairly easy envelopes.
 A cheater way is to have a box of pre-fab envelopes ready and waiting.  I liked the bright colors of this neon set.
 When inspiration hits, pull out a pre-fab and collage it.  One word on woven designs, they are fun, but have everything ready to go as the glue dries quickly!
 I like subway tile and thought this was a nice way to draw that design into envelopes.  A repeated theme is often a great way to achieve a look.
 Have a sticker sheet you just finished and an envelope that you weren't thrilled with.  (I did silver ink swirls on the envelope prior, it was alright but not great)
Combine them for a more interesting effect.
I've often thought of fabric envelopes which several people do.  Instead I found this cool little tool that allows you to punch little holes in paper.  By itself, you could easily emboss a design.
Add some embroidery thread and go to town.  This envelope only took 10 minutes.  I suspect I will be quicker and more refined after a few more.

Or take a punch and weave ribbon through.  One word on the ribbon - make sure you cut it on a slant for easier weaving.  I used fabric tape and some kitties to embellish.  This was a very easy project and a good use of ribbon!  Only wish I had used more contrasting materials.
Just because I didn't show it, doesn't mean you shouldn't try it!  I have used plastic baggies, fast food bags, duck tape, truvia packages, can labels, and more to create envelopes.  I have seen others use water bottles and ping pong balls for message holders.  Literally the list is as long as your imagination!

I truly wanted to make more for you all, but I lacked the time this week.  I sure hope you have enjoyed the theme and ideas.  I am always happy to post other creative projects and ideas, just leave me some feedback.  If I am not capable of doing it, I have a few other pen pals and talented crafters who I could have guest post their materials!
Happy Writing, Gluing, and Imagining!

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