Monday, October 29

Hurricane Preparations?

While everybody else was preparing for the Frankenstorm that is due to hit the Eastern seaboard, I was enthusiastically sorting and gathering materials for the big Letter Social coming up this Saturday!  I can't wait!   I was warned by Tara of Hello Life to edit, and I guess I did because I wanted to bring much more to share!  Even if only a few people show, I will be happy as a witch in a broom factory!
Materials categorized and ready to go!
The event has drawn a little interest as the York Daily record called and emailed me for an interview.  Not sure when or if that will be in this week's paper, but myself and the Post Muse chimed in.  We'll see how it all pans out and just who shows. 

As far as the hurricane, I think everybody here expects to lose our power.  Hopefully the trees will stay put in the ground and the flooding will not claim any lives.  This is my first big storm in the new house and I am really hoping all goes well!

I probably won't be able to post for awhile, so here is the info again on the mail social.
When: This coming Saturday, Nov 3rd From 1-4pm
Where: The Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA

See some of you there!



  1. And today I got a lovely fat package from Letters Writer Alliance with all sorts of fun stationery to use at the social. I'm so very excited!

  2. I am so excited for the Letter Writing Social! What should I bring? (This is my first one so I'm not sure what people usually do.)

    Hope you're safe and dry at home!

    1. Bring yourself and stamps! Some people opt for their favorite pens or a small portable mailart kit, but honestly we will be blessed with supplies.

  3. I wish I could be there with you!
    I cross the fingers for the storm getting away from you without damages. I'll think of you and Postmuse, and be there by soul and heart.

    1. No such luck on the lack of damages. Roof and trees were damaged - nothing that cannot be fixed. We are safe. Things are getting back to normal.

  4. I'm loving your blog! I have a linky, "Sharing the Shelter" (Friendship is a sheltering tree). I'd love for you to link up a couple posts. This week the emphasis is on snail mail, but mail always shelters so you are invited to link any week.

    So happy you are safe--I've been praying for all who have faced devastation and loss of loved ones. The pictures are heartbreaking.