Saturday, April 30

First International Stationery Giveaway

Just a reminder for all folks outside the USA, I am currently taking entries for the First International Stationery Giveaway.  Just pick a number between 1 and 100 and put it in a letter or postcard and send!  You can see the link for more details.  All entries will get a postcard back!

some lovely items you can request if you win
I hope this posts finds you all happily mailing!


  1. I look at the picture and cross my fingers! :o)

  2. So far you're the only entrant! Good odds for you.

  3. I live in the U.S. I guess I can't enter? :( Looks like a beautiful set.

  4. Sorry! The original idea was to give stationery to people who couldn't find it locally, or the cost was rather prohibitive- most of Europe according to my pen pals.

  5. Such gorgeous stationary! I am so in. (Plus, I received your sendsomething letter today to reply to anyway, so I might as well pick a number. Hee!)

    The Author @

  6. Yeah. A giveaway that suits me down to the ground. I'm in the UK, have just written my postcard, and will get it mailed tomorrow. Thanks so much, Katherine