Tuesday, April 26

My Travels: Hotel Bethlehem

Hello all,
I was very fortunate this Easter holiday and asked to go to brunch with a coworker and her family!  It's always nice to be adopted for a holiday when you are far from home.  While I was at the Hotel I took an opportunity to go to the gift shop, and luckily they were open!  So I picked up some postcards and notecards from downtown Bethlehem which has quite a history.

Apparently Benjamin Franklin came here once to help train the Moravians who started this town become better trained in the military arts.  The Moravians were like the Quakers and did not believe in violence.  But the Moravians were under attack by the local Native American tribes that cohabitated the area.  So the father of the US Postal Service came by to help!  Way cool!

Hotel Bethlehem is the big building.  Historic Bethlehem is to the left.
Some photos of downtown!

From the Hotel Bethlehem parking garage.

Way cool!  A hospital during the Revolutionary War.
I hope this finds you all traveling safely and mailing happily!


  1. I enjoy following your paper trail.

    Beautiful postcards, those are.

  2. Thank you! I always like to send things with a story so I really liked the regular cards too. Plus travel is a great way to pick up unique postcards.

  3. Something I haven't done yet, go through historical downtown Bethlehem. I was there years ago for a bus tour of the city and again last year but it was strictly business with my mom. I'll need to find someone to hike around town with, there's a cute little tea room I want to visit...