Sunday, April 24

The Incoming This Week

Hello folks!
It's finally sunny here- for this second!  It's one of those mostly cloudy days, but one can remain hopefully that it will be mostly sunny instead.  And for those who celebrate, Happy Easter!
The board was very colorful this week.  A few family and old friends sent me Easter cards!  It was nice to get mail from folks that I don't normally get mail from.
And as usual- if it's on the board, you have a letter on the way!
One postcard to point out is the Pottery card.  It's actually an ad card from a pottery I used to love and occasionally bought from in my beloved Goshen, IN.  Call it nostalgia for home, but when I got it, I knew I had to put it up. 
Also I got a nice package from Pamela-  LOVE the GOODIES!  Thanks Pamela!

And finally a word to everybody about stamps.  I know most folks know this but new people find their way into the mailer community everyday, so this is for them.  The price of the postcard and letters to Canada have increased.  Postcards went up 1 cent and Canada is up 2 cents. The new stamps are below

No clue what Canada is supposed to be, but love the flowers for postcards.
Plus here are some new releases from the post office.  I knew about the green stamps and the annual wedding stamps, but I didn't know about the Civil War stamp. 

And the Civil War stamps bring up a cause I heard about last night.  Apparently our Civil War heritage sites are in jeopardy (according to TV ad from the history channel).  So the history channel is doing a give $1.50 drive.  For anybody interested in learning more, check out and donate. 
Hope this finds you all happy and sending lots of mail!


  1. I just donated! Sidebar- expect pics from Civil War Heritage sites as Gettysburg is near here and on my summer travel list!

  2. The new 80-cent stamps for Canada and Mexico letters and postcards are of Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. That's printed in very tiny letters beneath the photo on the stamp. You have yours upside-down in the photo. :-)