Friday, April 8

The First International Stationery Give Away

Hello All!
Recently I did a give away for USA and Canadians only.  I have been toying with the idea of doing one for the rest of the world and I finally decided on what to give away.
From what I am told, stationery is cheap and widely available in the USA compared to many European countries.  Stationery and finding a good deal are 2 of my favorite things and because I seem to excel at both, I thought I'd share the wealth! I would like to send out a small package of stationery and stickers to somebody who would truly love it and may have difficulty acquiring it themselves.  I am going to make this contest similar to the CSN give away but it's for anybody outside of the US - Yes Canada, I'll let you guys enter this one too!
One of the many amazing deals I have found!  These are from Ireland originally.

So here's the plan:
Entry will be by mail!  I have a P.O. Box so let's use it! 
Please send me a postcard or letter with a number between 1 and 100 and your email*.  I will have a pen pal send me a number in the mail and the closest number to the selected number without going over, will be the winner. 
In the face of a tie, (2 folks with the same number), the person following this blog will win.  If there two that qualify-(well honestly I'd probably send you both a package : ) ), but I draw the limit at 3 and would then put your names in a hat and draw a winner. 
Entries must be recieved by July 4th- a major US holiday celebrating our Declaration of Independence.  Why?- because holidays are easier for me to remember.  This should give a few months for entries to be received.  And if you include a return address, I will send you a postcard back just for entering!
I have no fixed set of stationery to give out.  This is also where email will be helpful, as I can get a better idea of what the person likes.  It could be a sampler pack of what I have in my collection to something more tailored to the individual- (within reason).  But it will be a small package of something lovely!
*The reason I want your email address is so I can inform you of winning and get a direct address.  I had a winner last year, and I could never get a hold of them via email and sent the package on blind faith that it would arrive, but I still don't know if it did.  So the email is to let you know its coming, confirm the address, and make sure it has arrived.  I'd hate for you to win and not get your reward.
Cards by Lang- I really like the theme is carried inside the card!
Let the mailing begin!  I hope I can send out some good postcards and packages!   Entries need to be in by 7-4-11! This should give people plenty of time to mail from all corners of the world.  All entrants will appear on my weekly board posts so you can check if they have arrived that way.
Best of Luck,


  1. This is such a fun/cute idea! :) ♥

  2. I'm in!! I'm sure your board will be filled with all kinds of cards from all over the world! My postcard will leave tomorrow! and thank you for sharing things with other parts of the world!