Monday, April 18

I Love a Bargain!

Hello All,
I've been saving these amazing finds for a cloudy day!  Actually the time stamp will tell you I found these the same weekend I found the Pomegranate sale.  I chose not to post the pics then because I didn't want you all to think I had a problem ! )

First I found this really cute box of stationery.  The paper was still encased in plastic.

That's right $2.97! Second I found a few bags of stationery for cheap.

Also in the bag- a card made from the German tradition of papercutting
And I whipped a deal on Goodwill for a mess of random cards that they let go for $0.49.  No joke! 

And finally I stopped by a going out of business sale and found these cards.  But hold on- I only paid $0.70 for both not each!  It was 50% off the lowest marked price.

Hope this finds you all well and happy!  And internationals don't forget my first International Stationery Give Away!
My Best,

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  1. I can't believe that you can find such lovely things at such low prices!!It's simply incredible! I envy you!