Monday, April 4

Duck Tape Goes Vogue

Hello all,
This post is dedicated to the closet Red Green fans out there.  (You know who you are,ay.  So don't deny it, ay)
I was looking around Staples the other day for some pens and I ran into this display of contact sheets and roll tape in a blaze of colors!  Duck tape has decided to reinvent itself and has come up with this line of fashionable tape. 

Perfect to finish envelopes and packages.  Not shown here but of interest to many folks is Hello Kitty tape.  I opted not to buy it because they wanted more money for it. 
And remember, if the postal workers don't find your mail handsome, they ought to at least find it handy and duck taped!
Have a Great Day at Possum Lodge!


  1. I have to say that one of my favorite birthday presents this year was a roll of the tie-dyed duct tape. It might be a sickness. :)

  2. Now I want to watch some Red Green! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. One of these days, I'll write and send you the Real Mail that's addressed and sitting on my pile! Happy mail day!