Saturday, April 16

This Week's Board

I got a lot of mail to respond to this last week.  Of course it doesn't help that the weather is beautiful and all I want to do is roam!  But we'll get back to that.  Here's what's on the board, and if you see it, it's been responded too.

One I'd like to point out is Jackie's Letter and Journals PC.  I'm hoping she'll have good news soon!
In my travels, I found an antique shop in Bucks County.

There I found this wonderful vintage PC that says it all!

And finally, since I'm writing a bit less these days, I thought I'd let you all see my latest travels. 

This is Fonthill Mansion a wonderful, whimsical structure that houses a wealth of pottery and tile treasures.  It's located in Bucks County, PA.  It's a bute- stop by if you're in this neck of the woods! 
Hope this finds you all sending and receiving lots of mail,


  1. That vintage postcard is the cutest thing. I believe I'd have to frame it and hang it over my desk.


  2. I haven't been to the mansion since Girl Scouts....I bet I would appreciate it a lot more now! Sounds like you had a great day in Bucks Cty. You might like Lambertville, NJ or New Hope, Pa. too.

  3. Patty thats a great idea! I think I will do that.
    N- let me know if you want to roam with me.

  4. You finally went! Yay! When you get another chance, hop on over to the Mercer Museum, it's not that far away from the mansion! You'll have to tell me how everything was in you next letter!
    I haven't been to Lambertville, NJ, but New Hope is amazing too!

  5. I have very good blogfriends living in Bucks county!!Your last picture is great for me, because I'm a benches addict (yes, it exists!:o), I have a second blog only with benches, did you see it?

    Enjoy good weather, we'll be patient for your lettres;it's spring!

  6. This all looks lovely! I feel like a need to see that building! It's gorgeous! ♥