Wednesday, April 6

I Have a Problem with Paris

Hello all,
 I have definitely slowed my buying of stationery.  I did this because my skills at making stationery have improved and because I have so much that I really do not need any more till I use up some more of my stash!  But a few items did slip through over the last few months and I thought I'd share them with you!
Anybody who has read my blog for awhile knows that I have a small thing for Paris and French themed stationery.  Paris items are actually very easy to come by so here are the newer additions to the collection.
These are in a music box.
I especially love the envelopes.
A surprise 3 pack!  The envelopes (not pictured) are also very pretty.

I hope you all enjoyed my purchases!  And this finds you all happy and mailing lots!
See you in the mail!


  1. I have that last set of cards!! Small world. =)

  2. More than likely it's same shopping place ; )

  3. envious ^0^ especially when I see the price tags of your purchases... I recently became aware of the fact that we DO have beautiful stationery in Germany, but it's like I'd need to stop eating in order to afford it T.T
    Wonderful Paris and happy mailing to you too ^^

  4. I am working on something to help out those in "need" of stationery. Check back later this weekend!

  5. I can't believe that YOU have wonderful "french" stationery, when I can't find it here!! :o)

  6. I sent you a letter April 2 with the stationery featured in this post!