Friday, April 22

A little overboard?

Hello folks,
Well I am taking suggestions on what to do with a few purchases that I have acquired.  Sometimes I see potential in items, and have grand ambitions on what I will do with them.  But intentions and doing are 2 different actions! And now I'm left wondering should I buy paper just because it's cheap? 
My local discount chain had amazing deals on reams of paper and not just ordinary plain white.  So I spent less than $15 total, but now I have massive quantities of 8x11. 
A ream of newspaper style and a ream of pink!

Same ream of newsprint and a larger than 1 ream stack of manila

2 packs of 8x10 stamp themed printer paper!
I know one sheet of paper will make an envelope and splinting these in half makes a nice size for regular writing paper, but what else???  Ideas are welcomed! 
I hope this finds you all doing more then making plans!


  1. First, the stamp-themed paper needs to come live at my house. Woot! Love that design.

    The pink paper would be good as a backer/boarder if you are pasting an otherwise plain, colorless something to a card. I use that color as a backer for photos I want to highlight on scrapbook pages. It's also good to use with punches to create embellishments for letters, envelopes or SB pages. Think lots and lots of pink hearts. It's also great for **READ THIS!!!** notices on bulletin boards.

    If that manila is cardstock weight, you have the raw material for 1,000 holiday greeting cards. Print a 1/4 page graphic (for the front) twice on each sheet, print the greeting twice on the other side (for the inside), cut in half, fold. If it isn't cardstock, you have a boatload of nice creamy printer paper!

    The newsprint gives me pause because I would question the archival quality. Will it turn crispy and yellow within the year??? Scribble pads for kiddies or jotters for grocery lists.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts! I am unsure of the newsprint too. I was thinking of stamping it and making it into envelopes. NOw for the stamp paper- send me an addy and I can make the "living at your house" happen. They still have 10+ at the discount store as of today.

  3. Woot! Just sent you an email with info. Thanks!

  4. I saw the stamp paper too but resisted because I would never use it all.
    You really need to stay out of there. That place is dangerous.

  5. These purchases are an accumulation over the winter. I was there today and didn't buy any stationery items or really much of anything. But that stamp paper is awesome, I just hope I use it!

  6. Hi! These are great purchases! I have a growing collection of different colored 8.5x11 text and cardstock paper which I'll buy at regular price, not just discount. You can use the newsprint for wrapping smaller gifts up after stamping, and lining flimsy magazine envelopes.

  7. When I wanted to write a letter with a card I used decorative scissors to trim the edges of computer paper that way it matched, and was decorative at the same time. If you want to see more info I did a post about it on my blog: