Saturday, April 23

Some envies

Hello all,
It's a gloomy, rainy day here- yuck!  So I thought I'd post something bright and beautiful.  I am not a fantastic mail artist.  But I like to think I have a knack for picking out good ads to make envies from!

And sometimes found objects "as they are" work really well too.  Especially if they say it all by themselves!  So recycle those bank envelopes!

I thought I'd post a little something this A.M. to tide folks over till the board pic goes up tonight or tomorrow, which is always a crowd pleaser!
By the way- Happy Easter to the Christian readers and Happy Spring to everybody! 
Hope this finds you all happy and well,


  1. Thanks Bev! I'm a simplicity girl. Less is usually more for me!

  2. Love your envelopes. Here from sendsomething.