Friday, April 29

Stationery with a Mission

By now, I think we all know that if the stationery is cute and a good value, it stands a chance of going home with me. But on occasion I will buy full price.  These occasions are rare and usually involve special situations.
One of the times I buy full price is when its cute and for a good cause! 

I love these cards, they support folks from Nepal and are made from lokta paper, which is taughted as more environmentally friendly as the plant grows quicker than the trees we use in the USA to make paper.
These were really cute!  They say "You're the cat's Meow" and a portion of the sales is supposed to go to rescue.  They had dog ones too, but not nearly as cute.

These are Unicef.  I like to buy the Unicef cards as they tend to be beautifully made and have a variety of international themes.  Always a favorite of mine!

And finally, this is what my cat Sloopy thought of the royal wedding.  Congrats Katherine and William!  But don't expect Sloopy to send you anything, I'm pretty sure he's immune to the hoopla!
Have a great day!


  1. Sloopy has a funny way to enjoy the chair!Ü
    I buy UNICEF cards for Christmas usually, they're always beautyful!

  2. That crazy cat definitely makes himself at home!

  3. Wish I could do a Sloopy! It's hot here, and I'm fighting asthma, so I rather envy that lovely cat. Wish I were all splayed out across my bed, on my stomach, reading, or writing letters.

    I didn't watch the wedding. The mist fogs my glasses when I do a breathing treatment. All I can do is relax.

    Now I can read some of my favorite blogs. Yay! Like that stationery. I use Lokta paper to cover some of my journals. Oh, that UNICEF crane! And the cat! LOL! I like them all.