Saturday, April 2

This Week In the Mail

Hello all,
I know many have a voyeuristic tendencies and love to see what's going on in others' lives.  I know this because my highest traffic always comes from the board pictures I post.  So here is this weeks mail.  What makes it up- things I have recieved from postcrossing or responded to.  So if you see yours, you have a letter in the mail!

Some points of interest- the top left corner- 3 of those postcards are being used as stationery from Malyss who lives in that section of the world.  Malyss has a blog that is a visual tour of the French Riveria.  I love to stop by and look at her world!  Postcards as stationery is also an interesting idea for those looking to exchange culture with others around the world. 
I hope this finds you all enjoying mail and sending lots!

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