Monday, May 2

In Box- A Little Late

Hello All!
I hope this finds you all doing good.  Well it's a late post for this weeks mail but with good reason!  I missed going to my P.O. Box on Saturday and wanted to check it today before the post.
Sadly . . . .

Oh well!  I hope that means the weather is beautiful and pulling everybody outside! But that gives me a chance to catch up and Jackie was very sweet and sent me some supplies and these beautiful antique P.C.'s

Alright folks- go write somebody and wish me a good trip to Washington DC!  Expect some posts from the road.
Happy Travels!


  1. I will be sending something in the mail your way soon! I loved the cards you included, so cute! Have a safe and fun trip to DC!!

  2. Enjoy your trip to our fair city! Just remember to stand to the right on the Metro escalator and to keep walking once you get off it if you'd like to avoid being murdered by annoyed locals. ;) (I know it seems like common sense; you'd be surprised how often it happens, though.)