Wednesday, February 20

My Facebook Experiment

Previously I wrote about posting on Facebook to see which of my friends would like a letter and I got ten takers, and 2 replies!  I got a few thank you's and felt it was a decent success, but then I have low expectations on letter writing from many of my old friends.  My new endeavor  was to offer out postcards.  I am always behind in my letters to my pen friends, so this was easier. I intend to continue to offer postcards once monthly to as all who sign up for them with a comment.  And just to let you know I only had 4 takers this time even though the number was unlimited.  I guess the postcard may not be as valued or coveted as a letter, but I will try again and see what happens.
Tara over at Hello Life wrote about a similar experience recently.  Are any of you trying this?

Keep your stamps a stickin' and the mail a moving!


  1. Also a little behind on my letters, but I love postcards as well <3

  2. I posted that I was planning to do the Month of Letters and asked if anyone wanted added to my planning calendar to hopefully get mail from me. I had one response-from the person I exchange letters with most! I think some of it may be not everyone seeing every post on facebook.

  3. I always wonder if people are too shy to respond! Interesting that you didn't get as many responses with the postcards. Maybe the ones who you already sent something to would have felt like they needed to send something back if they requested another mail item from you :p

    1. No, most of my friends who I hold near and dear get regular postcards and notes so they know they do not have to reply. I wonder if it was the time of day. I'll try it again during high traffic on Facebook and see what happens.

  4. I'm not on Facebook and don't want to be there. But You already know me and know what I like, and how I answer! :o)