Monday, February 4

Make Something Monday - Painted Quick Cards

First off, thank you for joining me on another crafty creative endeavor.  I want to be honest that I borrowed this idea from a Better Homes and Garden article I saw at work.  I like to make cards but I am not a very good stamper.  Paint and I are old friends though, so these were right up my alley and rather quick too!

You will need cardstock, acrylic paint (a few complementary colors) , a small paint roller, and cookie cutters.

 Your choice of either cardstock or pre-cut and packaged cards

If you choose cardstock, add a cutting board to the list of needs.  I decided to cut my card stock into 4.25 in by 11inch and fold in half.

 The roller should not reach the full edges of the card and luckily there are a variety of sizes at the local hardware store.
 Apply paint but do not go to the edges.  The rough edges and imperfections give the cards an interesting look.
 I used paint stick to keep the cards from rolling up while they dried.
 Choose a cookie cutter and for this season, I chose hearts!
With your cookie cutter and some contrasting acrylic paint, stamp your heart out!  Above and below are the finished look.  

What I liked about this project was the ease.  The paints gave an almost embossed effect to the cards that was really interesting.  I plan on finishing most of these cards with my stamp that says "All you need is Love" and hopefully shipping most of them off to Operation Write Home.  I hope to make another batch with stars and a different phrase!  

Happy Creating,


  1. Very cool idea and easy enough for anyone to do. They turned out nice.

  2. Whatever, these are super adorable!! I never would have thought of cookie cutters with paint... brilliant!

  3. I received one of your valentines today and WOW! It looks amazing. Thank you, Becky :)

    1. I do not think the pictures did them justice, because they are beautiful! My coworkers loved them.

  4. Happy day in my mailbox- beautiful work.Thank you.