Wednesday, February 13

Mail that Valentine!

What better way to send a little love then to send a little Valentine?  I have been rather busy this last 2 weeks with my work schedule but I did find some great ideas while looking around.

Pinned Image
An interesting book idea made from paper bags was found on Pinterest.  It would be nice to hold several images or a letters in pages. 

Pinned Image
This is very basic, but could have a graphic quality.  I am thinking this would be a great idea inside a card or letter as a background image or on the front of an envelope with the heart being the address!  When I saw the images, I had a "Why didn't I think of that?" moment.

Pull Their Heartstrings
Finally these really cute cards come from Martha Stewart.  I have to admit her paper crafting supplies are some of my favorites.  For instructions and templates click here.
I definitely love the ideas and could see the plane just pulling a letter behind it!

Lots of love and creating!


  1. I love the two hands heart. I wish I had thought of that too.

  2. That got me inspired. Thank you for posting pics!

  3. Love the booklet above! I can imagine a letter like this ... hm ... let me think ...