Friday, February 1

Book about Letters

There is a theme among most snail mailers that if you write a lot of letters, you probably also read your fair share of books.  I too am a good reader and recently I have found quite a few titles that relate back to the hobby of letters and postcards.  Here is one of the recently read.

A story pieced together through the correspondence of the 2 ladies on the front.  They were socialites at the turn of the 20th century that decided to go West and do one of the few socially acceptable jobs available at the time- teach!  Both ladies were well to do, so this was a job strictly for adventure.  It was an interesting read and the most interesting thing I found out was the area that they taught in was later found to be too harsh to really live in and has been mostly abandoned now to the wilderness.  Those pioneers really seemed more hardy than the average person today.

It was a good read if you love history!


  1. I like history and stories told through correspondence.

  2. I hadn't heard of this one. Thanks for sharing!