Sunday, February 17

Home is Where the Heart is and the Craft Supplies Stay

I have been hard at work on the home and it is starting to pay off!
here's the basement area looking into the storage room when I was buying the place.
it was all very raw and unfinished.  

Right now I have the store room all done. Well what I can do to it, there's only one thing more I want and that will take an electrician.

Yup, that's my chain saw.  Brought it in for the winter.

The one my dog is standing in front of, will be my letter storage shelves and another place to tuck away raw crafting materials such as the paints already on it.  Eventually I want a dedicated craft space with lots of drawers to pull out where I can see everything that I have and hopefully use it! 
If you want to see more, just let me know. It's all a work in progress!
Keep it Going Weekend Warriors!


  1. oh my gosh your dog and my dog look like twins LOL ... I will show you what I mean sometime I found your blog through the limner take care .

  2. How lucky to have so much room to store your things!

  3. Awesome! Great to see it coming together!! I am so jealous of all your space. XD