Saturday, February 23

The Letter Pile - Incoming

I have been a bit behind in posting the incoming letters.  There was a fair bit so I will be breaking this down into smaller posts.  Thank you to all who contributed to my mailbox!
 From the travels of Matthew!
 A nice German Postcrossing - but the image I think is US because the mailboxes say Postmaster General on them.  Still awesome.
 Thank you from a dear friend and she offered to buy me a coffee - LOL
 A nice note from a new sendsomething friend in Belgium.
 A new edition to the state's card collection.  Rick on postcrossing sent it my way!
 Somebody is a grandmother!  Congrats WD!  And thanks for the article.  The un-dieting is going great.
A nice note from Troy.
 A handcrafted card from Nancy.  If you are a blossoming card maker, stop by her blog and ask questions.
 A Postcrossing from Germany.  Vintage hotel card
 I adore this card.  I like things that revolve around heritage.  This is a Russian Postcrossing.
 Lucas wrote me.  Check out his blog.
A nice letter from Tara.  She was the author of the guest post this last Monday.  I love the washi detail she used up in the corner.  I have to say this year has been a creative bloom for her.  Check her blog and scroll through the images of her decorated letters for more ideas to steal, I mean borrow.  And send her a postcard of thanks if you enjoyed the collaging post she put together!  I suspect that is the mail equivalent of applause.

That's it for now!

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