Sunday, February 10

Make Something Monday - Up-Cycled Valentines

Hello all!
For those who have been reading for awhile you know that I recently bought a new house.  My house is a bit of a fixer so when I have not posted in awhile, it is probably because I have been working on another project.  Often my projects involve paint which leads us to some chances for recycling materials.

The project I chose for today revolves around paint chips!
You will need:  card stock, glue, a heart punch, paint chips samples, scissors or a cutting board and security envelopes

 A few color samples I had laying around.  I like to use non-traditional colors on occasion for my Valentines.
 I think the natural tones work best for this project.
 Punch out 3 hearts of each color in the paint chip.  Watch out!  They punch hard and want to fly away.
 You can either glue the hearts down in ascending color.  I thought the first one was kind of plain so I chose to cut a piece of security envelope and use that as a background.  I liked the effect much better!
I hope you feel like you can make your own Valentines this year!  And on the cheap!
Next week I have a special guest post for you again, but more about that later.  

Until we meet again, keep making and dreaming!
My Best,

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