Sunday, February 3

Stamp News

I went online to order stamps yesterday and I found these lovely stamps were being sold in rolls of 25!  Originally they were listed for the 1000-3000 rolls only.   I am not sure what made USPS change their minds, but I am happy they did.  Hopefully they will consider the same on the stamp below which is slated to be sold in rolls of 3000 to 10,000.
Patriotic Star
I really liked both of the 46 cent stamps this year!  And if you are not already ordering online, you should consider it.  They have it, you can buy it.  I know my current post office usually has a VERY limited inventory, so I keep my eye on the Beyond the Perf blog to see the upcoming and head over to the official Postal Store to buy.

Happy Mailing!


  1. I would have been really bummed if they didn't release the kaleidoscope stamps in a smaller quantity! I have been looking forward to those ever since the preview.

    I order almost all of my stamps online and I am kind of surprised that so many people don't.

  2. I like these as well. I think they have so many good colors that they would go on almost anything.

  3. I LOVE the kaleidoscope (or mandala?) stamps and am glad they made them available. Those and the sealed with love stamps will be my go-to this year for sure.

  4. I order my stamps online too but the latest bunch I ordered over a week ago and they haven't shipped yet. It still says 'order processing'.. I really want to use my new stamps so hopefully they come soon. USPS usually ships within a day or two so this is pretty unusual