Monday, February 25

Make Something Monday - Fold and Send

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you are probably aware of my love/ hate, on again/ off again relationships with fold and send notes.  They are very uncomplicated to make and really are ecologic in that there is either no envelope or the envelope is the letter.  I like them when I know the note will be short, but I do not like them if I want to send some bits along.

Gather the usual suspects:
Glue, Scissors, washi or deco tape, paper punches, rubber stamps, ink, and pretty paper

First, a very very basic one
Standard piece of pink paper trifolded.  I punched out the small flower and then glued the hydrangeas to the back of them to make the white and on the inside the green hydrangeas.  I repeated them on the front, but got ahead of myself so no images of the completed.  And this image doesn't due it justice.  It has a real 3-D look to it.
Then you address and stamp it and off it goes with a little washi or stickers to seal.

Second, the envelope version

Use your envelope template and trace the pattern.   If you are unsure about how to make your own envelopes, check out my week of envelope tutorials from November.

Cut and fold, then unfold and write your letter on the inside.
This is where washi or deco becomes useful as it can easily be removed.  Make sure to include opening instructions so all your hard work is not destroyed.

I was going to include a few more options but I ran out of time, so I will save them for a future post.  And before I go I want to thank Jeanne for inspiring this post.  I knew I would cover fold and send's eventually but they are kind of a yawn usually.
Jeanne created her own image out of scanned old letters and then folded and mailed the results.  Nice work! Ideas are always appreciated.

Until we meet again, try and make something!  It can be as simple as these or as extravagant as you want.
Just try!


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